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I want to thank you for looking at our new website.  We hope you continue to look here for news about Agnes Baptist and the programs and opportunities we offer.  This technology is new to us so please allow us the time to feel comfortable with this system.  We welcome input from others to improve what we have so feel free to drop us a line on items you would like to see, or have access to, through the school website.  Please continue to come back, we will be updating this site on a regular basis with news and information.



Jim Schuller


Attention all parents!  The Education Foundation in our school district offers wonderful FREE programs for every student in the district, such as Science Saturday and the Aladdin theater production in October, an annual book fair at Barnes and Noble in November, and coming up, a family Putt-Putt Golf Tournament in May 2016 and many more activities!

If your children like these programs and you’d like to see them continued, then we need you to get involved!  Please come to our meeting on Wednesday, February 3, 6 pm at the District Office, 2410 Janna Ave. to learn more and get involved in these important activities!   For more information call:  209-480-1807.

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